Monday, August 28, 2006

Hello, world, and welcome to mine...

Hope you like cartoons. That's the way I figured is best to convey my comments, opinions, and observations. All my life I've drawn, self-trained. I've been doing caricatures the past three years, just to keep my hand in. Before that I was attending college after leaving some in-house graphic design positions in LA.

So much for my history.

I worked to reconcile some different ideas I've had, which research resulted in several books and papers. All this is on several other sites, which are linked. Other than some weekly articles and blog entries, this is the last of my writings.

Shortly, I hope to be producing a series of cartoons, which will post here on a series of five or so per week. Of course, the quality will improve as I get the production line worked out.

The reason I'm blogging these is to be able to get out the work in a simple format which is widely available to readers. As I can, I'll work at syndicating these in newspapers, etc. But the first versions will be on this blog. And of course, you can comment on what I do and also subscribe to the RSS feed.

Good luck to us all.