Monday, September 30, 2013

An Update - where life leads: often by the nose or ear...

Not cartooning full time, but caricatures part time, occasionally.

caricatures and cartoons by Robert C. Worstell - not a Peta supporter.
(a caricature of beauty - like commercial beef: has implants.)

Wish things were different sometimes.

But then, now I know completely how to make a living from cartoons and artwork in general. Making a living at a graphic artist job doesn't really prepare you for making a living as an independent artist. But then, neither does college. Only life prepares you for life.

Without getting into the self-help books I've concentrated on for the last decade or more, I can tell you definitely that life is what you make it - and what you think it ought to be.

Recently, I've uncovered a selection of art books which are in the public domain and are useful for artists learning their craft. I imagine that I'll get these up at some point so I can supplement my infrequent artist appearances (2 this month...) with some passive income

Probably ought to include a chapter on how to make a living with this stuff.

Once I start down this road, I'll be working up this site again, since I'll be able to create and sell artwork based on my cartoons - posters, and framed images. I already have the books on this, but they are a bit pricy. (The solution to that is to make them coffee-table sized and price them even higher - with special typography, etc.)

Just wanted to keep you updated.

Meanwhile, I've been working out how to earn income online - which gave me the breakthrough above. I may even make this site a test case on its own, creating an income-source I can seque into from my other books and affiliate sales.

Making my life what I've always wanted it to be...
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