Saturday, January 19, 2008

And a year goes by so quickly...

A short note today.

I've been involved in so many different things since last I blogged here, that it doesn't really make sense to take the time updating this blog about it (especially since my other blogs cover these - see my profile for a list...).

The breakthrough today was in realizing that I may very well skip the cartoon publishing and go straight to videos. This is as I've been doing some PowerPoint-style videos and have gotten fairly conversant with Camtasia (over most my learning curve).

Today, I saw that I can simply create these cartoons in a video format through drawing, scanning, coloring and then outputting directly to video. With these images, I can also make publishable toons in the familar formats for printing - but I can take them and directly post to YouTube, which would give me more exposure.

This would also allow me to do timely comments, which are based on the silliness which is rampant in this world right now. I'd follow that YouTube video with a version for DevArt, as well as a PDF - all of which would link into this blog. This is different from my other work, which has a blog post, then an MP3 and finally a video.

Videos simply allow me to break into the news cycles and so get a greater audience than I would otherwise.

And the video is always sponsored by "Go Thunk Yourself!" book series. This way, they are all tied together.

Interestingly, this is separate from my illustrated children stories, which are then a fifth production line. (Giving me one day each to produce/market these during the week.) Whew...

But I've always wanted an interesting life.


PS. Have to research on how a podcatcher could download videos from YouTube...