Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Mexico Goat Faces Auction, Late Night Comedy...

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  Thanks again for all your support.
  Yes, I'm very well and alive at this secret, undisclosed location.

  (Dick cheney didn't have any use for it anymore...)

  Mervin brought the mini-donkeys along for company and they've been laughing at their own jokes - but not nearly as funny as late-night tv:

  •   ...and I said to him, I sure like a wee bit 'o haggis.
      then he asks me, "What's Haggis taste like?"...
  •   ...I had the hardest time trying to carry on a conversation with the mexico goat. because He's always butting in...
  •   Why did the Mexico goat run into merviin's lasso?
      He didn't see the ewe turn.
  Now: here's the serious part -
  I'm going to be auctioned off Thurs 1:30 pm at the Midwest Regional Livestock Center in Mexico, Mo. For charity.

  Highest bidder takes me home. Buy a t-shirt, make a donation - or just come by for moral support. Every little bit counts. See my facebook page...

- - - -

Vist the Stockyards in Mexico Mo. tomorrow at 1:30 for the next chapter (although I'll have a early cartoon commemorative edition...)  Come by early and have some great coffee and/or lunch at the local diner and chat with the folks.

See who takes home our local celebrity and ask them what they plan to do with him...

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